Saw our HS principal earlier today. At sabi nya i look pretty na daw ngayon. Kung ganto daw ako nun 4th year ay madami daw nanligaw sa kin. AHAHAHA. Thank you Sir! At dahil dyan feeling ko ang ganda ko ngayon. #sorrynotsorry

Missing my daily dose of #Caleruega Coffee. Best coffee ever. #backtoschool naaaa

Nw Kuroko No Basket. I’m so sorry Kuroko, Senpai Hyuga is <3 #KurokoNoBasket

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Q: ‘What is the most embarassing moment you won’t forget?

Ed Sheeran Answers Fan Questions for Parade Magazine


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Ed Sheeran Behind The Scenes of  Parade Magazine Cover Shoot 



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Fifth Year Confessions Part 3

PART 1: 
PART 2: 
8. THERE WERE TIMES WHEN I HAVE WISHED TO GET AT LEAST 30 IN A 100 POINT EXAM WHEN THE PASSING RATE IS 65%. I never imagined myself to be in this situation. But this is what i and most of my classmates experienced last semester. SRSLY. I think there were 3 or 4 exams/quizzes in AdvAcc and after taking them i found myself praying to get at least 30. No exaggerations here. I was wishing for a 30 because the tests were very tricky. And of course, the best feeling would be getting a good score (it means i passed, but didn’t really get a high one) when you’ve been expecting a 30. If you’d ask me now if i ever got a 30, well, it’s something that i’d like to keep to myself. Hihi
To any AMVian or Acctcy Student who will be reading this (I wish there would be), please don’t be discouraged with this post. it is difficult but i have survived the semester and i’m sure you will, just do your best and put your trust in God as well :)
9. I HAVE CONSIDERED MYSELF AN ACHIEVER, UNTIL I MET ACCOUNTING. COLLEGE IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM HIGH SCHOOL. I graduated HS with honors, second honorable mention but like i said, college life/ UST- AMV life is way different. Back in HS, there were subjects wherein i don’t really have to study for. I just have to listen to the teachers and i get the lessons. I only study for the subjects that i’m interested in (Economics, English) or the subjects that i suck at (Science, Math). UST AMV College of Accountancy taught me that you have to work hard for everything. I still remember how we used to study for a week for ONE ACCOUNTING QUIZ, back in my sophomore year. But that was then. We have to change our ways, well, at least, I HAD TO. The point is, my study habits during HS no longer work for college. Stocked knowledge just won’t do (I have tried this once, I passed the accounting quiz but barely made it though, SO JUST DON’T). Advanced reading really helps (but i am too lazy to do this, so please do this. IT REALLY IS HELPFUL IF YOU DO). The thing is, being in UST Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy has truly been a humbling experience. I have not failed any subjects (to God be the glory and i pray that i will never fail one) but there are really those times that you just feel so stupid, in FilipinoBOBO. Yes. Nakakabobo po talaga minsan. 
Will still add a few to this list :) 

Where the fuck is this from?

I’d like to know the source of my death

i melted <3

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